He HAS to Admit It (Betrayal Pain and Step 5 Cautions) – 3.05S

This Step is about addicts not lying to themselves anymore—and not hiding the truth about themselves anymore. It’s about getting real, and why.


In this episode we cover:
-Step 5 of the 12-Steps
-How Jay switched harmful addictions
-How there are different layers to addiction and lust
-What else needs to be faced regarding lust if an addict is to get free


0:00 Intro & sin (the “big book” vs. the Bible)
2:24 How this step relates to getting closer to God, and…
2:52 Step five: What to do if you’ve betrayed your wife (& Jay’s experience) ***
4:46 Admitting it: this kind of accountability partner makes it easier
7:43 Disclosure is different in these ways (be careful[!])
9:29 What is not acknowledged won’t… (How Jay got himself into a cancer bind) ***
10:00 The more you (do this) the free-er you get / Why it’s a good tool to use
12:12 Lori’s take on ‘”Exact nature of addicts’ wrongs” / Jay switched addictions
13:51 The phases of the 12 Steps / One reason to get detailed in Step 4
15:00 Different layers of Jay’s sin & getting it out into the light
17:04 Lori’s notes: “This is meant to bring you closer to God”… not a mechanical relationship
18:13 Lust and what else it might be ***


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